Savate kickboxing

Kickboxing pads and conditioning

19:30 - 20:30
18:45 - 19:45
Highfield Primary School, Winchmore Hill, N21 3HESouthgate Methodist Church, N14 6RS


(Juniors 14+ with experience)

Adults & Juniors 12+

Variety of partner technical exercises, pad work, fitness and light-contact sparring (optional).

Padwork (non-contact) and conditioning to develop technique, flexibility and fitness.

Beginners are welcome at all of our classes - no experience needed! 


Private Training

Savate Boxe Française is an efficient combat sport originating from France. We wear boots and boxing gloves, striking with feet and hands to targets on the body, legs and head

Free Trial Class

​​​Classes run on Tuesday 19:30-20:30 and Thursday 18:45-19:45. 
Every class is different but aims to develop your technique, flexibility and fitness to improve the core skills required to get fit and learn a new sport, or maybe even for
successful Savate competition.

What do I need to try Savate kickboxing?


Once you're into it, or if you already have them at home, bring along:

  • Boxing gloves and pads can be provided (depending on numbers), though if you are training regularly it is worth buying your own
  • Gum shield (compulsory if you wish to start sparring)
  • Other protection: shin guards, groin guard, breast protection (women) is all needed for competition / grading and you may wish to eventually purchase it too
Sian is available to teach seminars to give an introduction to Savate Boxe Française. Please get in touch on the contact page for more information about these opportunities to introduce Savate into your area.

When required, protective equipment can be purchased through the club. Classes run on a monthly payment system from the first of every month. 
One class / week = £30
Two classes / week = £45
(£39 for experienced juniors who are invited to Tuesday classes)

Our Classes

Personal training for individuals or small groups who are at regular attendance to our classes is offered (all minimum of 1 hour training):

£45/hour for individual training
£25/person/hour for small groups (2-4

Private training gives students an option to focus on areas they struggle with and get focused help, such as for:
​ Grading preparation
Introduction to competitions
​ Fitness training
Try out our classes by coming along to a free trial class (sign up here). Train alongside the other class members, and get to know the instructor and other students.
There are plentiful opportunities available for skilled students to get involved in semi-contact and full-contact competition in Savate. The appropriate insurance and licensing for Savate competition can be provided through our club.

Over recent years these have included:
- British Championships
- Budapest Open
- Bulgaria Open Mondial
- Irish Open
- German Halloweenturnier
​ - Calais Coupe d'Opale

Savate Kickboxing and Fight Training in North London

It's quick and simple to train in Savate. All you need to start is:
  • ​Wear comfortable gym clothing that allows your legs to move
  • Clean, non-jagged shoes are needed such as tennis shoes, squash shoes, boxing boots, Savate boots or martial arts shoes. For your first session bring something as appropriate as you can and we can advise further if needed
  • Water and a towel - you're going to sweat!