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Classes, Private Training and Seminar Opportunities with Team GB member and licensed instructor of the Great Britain Savate Federation

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City Combat  : Train, Fight, Enjoy

Savate Boxe is a high-paced efficient kickboxing sport that combines strikes using the feet and hands in both semi-contact and full-contact competition.Our training works to promote cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and reaction speeds. Training focuses on all aspects of kickboxing, for those wanting simply to get fit and have fun up to those preparing for international competition.
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City Combat provides training in Savate Boxe (kickboxing) in North London and the surrounding area, from first time beginners, through to martial artists who wish to learn a new form of fighting. We have students ranging from those who just want to keep fit in a fun environment, up to those training for light contact competitions both nationally and internationally!

KICK-start 2020! 

 Kick and punch, block and evade, and develop your confidenceand fitness with Savate kickboxing training! Safe classes with an experienced Team GB fighter and coach.

This January try 4 classes for just £10!

(Start any Tuesday in January)

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​​Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm @ Highfield School, Winchmore Hill

Get fit​​
Improve flexibility
Learn new kickboxing skills

Opportunities also available for:
Grading preparation
Fight training​ (mainly semi-contact)

Savate Kickboxing and Fight Training in North London

Get fit​​
Improve flexibility
Learn new kickboxing skills